Why is the Full-Stack profile so demanded?

Why is the Full-Stack profile so demanded?

Full Stack Developer: Professional Profile

A Full-Stack programmer is a professional who masters both the front-end, the part of a digital product that the user sees, and the back-end, or ins and outs of said product that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The professional profile of this type of programmer is that of a person with the following characteristics and skills:

  1. Handling of different programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Git ...
  2. Database management.
  3. Communication skills to be able to work effectively with the client and with the development team.
  4. Personal concern to always keep abreast of the latest innovations.
  5. Creativity to find the right solution to each problem.
  6. Lateral thinking.
  7. The Full-Stack programmer must keep moving, continually training, and researching and practicing new ways of understanding the profession.

Full-Stack Developer: Professional with a Future

As you already know, one of the most demanded professions in the world of work is the Full Stack Programmer. There are many job offers in which profiles are asked to master the latest web design and development technologies.

The unstoppable advance of new technologies means that all companies, regardless of the sector, need to carry out a digital transformation that modernizes their processes and communication channels with the client. However, this process requires well-trained professionals to be able to plan, direct, and carry out this transformation.

The use of smartphones for everything, the growth of electronic commerce, the need for digital protection, new communication, and marketing channels, and the usefulness of having an App for everything lead to companies requiring constant and professional technical assistance.

Many companies do not even know what their real needs are or the possibilities for development and growth that they would have with professional ICT advice. Some companies have a total misunderstanding building their digitalization strategy, and, in their technical ignorance, they do not even know what to look for when going to the labor market to issue a job offer in accordance with their needs.

Full Stack developers have a complete professional profile with which they can adapt to these needs of the job market and flexible work environments. Typically, full-stack developers have a decisive character and analytical thinking to be able to take the reins and find the best solutions.

In general, today's world of work needs versatile, flexible, and constantly evolving professional profiles. Besides, given the current technological landscape, people who are trained in programming have excellent job prospects. This is why Full Stack programmers are in demand and have the doors opened to a wide variety of professional opportunities.

Advantages of hiring full-stack talent

Today, many companies prefer to hire full-stack talent than separate programmers because:

  1.  For them, it's easy to switch between front-end and back-end development, depending on project requirements.
  2.  They know all levels of the architecture and can be easily integrated into any stage of development, even the most advanced.
  3.  Hiring such a specialist represents a cost-saving, as your profile can be easily adapted to front-end and back-end.
  4.  They easily adapt to new tools and technologies.
  5.  Thanks to the flexibility of their skills, full-stack talent is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. On the contrary, for large companies, it is much more convenient to separate the departments in the front-end and back-end to assign tasks and roles much more easily.

We at ESKA have full-stack programmers who would professionally handle any project of your choice.