Web wallet as a business tool

Web wallet as a business tool

Web Wallet is a multifunctional application for users, and a full-fledged business product that opens up new opportunities to interact with a customer. The app gives a new audience access, saves the budget, and permits you to improve communication with the client. Payment using an electronic wallet eliminates the need to leave credit card information on an unfamiliar site. Electronic money storage doesn't have an expiration date. In general, an electronic purse is a useful, practical and safe online shopping tool.

What is an E-wallet?

It is a virtual cell for storing money. Each such cell has a unique digital identifier and belongs to one person. In your wallet, you can keep money in one or several currencies. The turnover of funds in e-payment systems occurs virtually. The owners of the purse can withdraw their funds to a bank card at any time or receive it in cash at points of issue. "E-Wallet" in the literal sense makes people's lives easier, and the work of trade and enterprises – more efficient.

What are the benefits for merchants?

We create a tool that completely replaces the usual wallet in the user's pocket.

Our task is to make advanced mobile technologies, big data, and new formats of connection with the client accessible not only to market leaders, but also to small and medium-sized businesses.

Verification and enrichment of user data, targeted communications, issuing cards directly to the client's smartphone, prompt distribution of information about promotions - these and many other inherent in this technology services help to effectively solve problems of service and retail companies.

The service allows the business to introduce new high-tech and highly effective marketing technologies without a long and costly integration.

Moreover, as a business-owner, you would definitely approve the next features:

· Payments are insured;

· Improved anti-fraud system – the strictest standards for fraud and security;

· Ability to integrate many local payment methods and multi-currency account;

· Easy integration to your site.


Using e-wallets in the trading environment is quite convenient. Integrating a web-wallet, you can forget about the delay in payment of bills and money transfers forever.

Keep your business up to date and switch to electronic wallets, which opens up great opportunities for everyone.