Top programming languages in 2020

Top programming languages in 2020

Is it too late to learn to program today? No way! Right now the chances of entering the IT industry are better than ever. If you're serious about starting your career as a programmer in 2020, you should start by asking yourself what area you want to go into. Depending on the programming language, different jobs are waiting for you and there is a trend that shows which programming languages will become more relevant in the next and coming years. In this article, we will introduce you to the top programming languages that we think are worth learning.

Python, Java, JavaScript, C#

The undefeated number one is Python. There are innumerable places for different areas in which Python is used. If you want to earn on the current AI and data science hype, Python is the programming language of your choice because it is very easy and intuitive to learn. Python is a very powerful AI framework.

In addition to a strong and helpful community, there is also a large library that can be used to implement virtually all IT requirements (even the automated creation of PowerPoint slides or the mass conversion of .docx to PDF documents).

With Python, you don't bother with a complicated syntax, you get straight to the point. That is why it is very well suited for the place of the TOP programming language in our list.

We will give the second place to Java. Everyone talks about it. And there is a simple reason for this because no matter in which area you are working: you will come across Java somewhere. Even in the SAP environment, there is, for example, a Java interface via JDBC. If you want to develop Android apps that currently have the largest market share worldwide, you will need Java. Java plays a role in many complex software projects and websites can also be developed with Java.

The language is (compared to e.g. Python) quite difficult to learn, but the effort is worth it: If you master Java as an object-oriented programming language, you will not be shocked (except learning C).


If you master Java, JavaScript is a breeze. Even the explicit type definition is done with a simple var. JavaScript is virtually indispensable in the web environment when it comes to client-side interaction with a website. You can even use it to develop full-fledged games! There are also many frameworks for JavaScript such as Node.js or React.

So if you want to gain a foothold in the web environment, you should look at JavaScript and combine it with programming knowledge in PHP for the server-side.


Microsoft developed C# in 2002 to add an object-oriented approach to C. The basic structures are very similar to Java.

Nevertheless, you have to differentiate C# from Java. For example, C# already offers solutions to many classic problems such as garbage collection or memory management. This makes C# a good language for getting starts and that’s why it will be in trend in 2020 and years to come.

Web Frameworks: React is the brightest star

As the programming and development of applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, developers are expected to do much more than just master the programming languages. You need to know the frameworks that make it easy to build applications in these languages. A framework is a set of tools and functions that serve as a platform for programming.

JavaScript frameworks have become an integral part of every modern web project. There are many such frameworks out there, and as a result, developers constantly have to wonder what to choose. The answer to this question will have to be sought in 2020 as well. It seems that React will be the TOP framework in 2020.

It's not correct to call React a framework, it's more of a component library for web development. However, its significance is so great that historically no comparison is complete without it.

React is a JavaScript library that was created not by an independent programmer, but by a huge company. It's about Facebook. One of the main reasons for creating React was the company's desire to improve the mechanisms for forming interfaces. This library was developed when Facebook faced some problems regarding the development and support of the project. React can be used not only on the client but also on the server-side. React uses the virtual DOM, a lightweight, browser-independent system. One of the main reasons for the popularity of React is that it works very efficiently with the DOM.

The fact that the React library itself is maintained and developed by Facebook gives anyone who chooses this library as the basis for the frontend of their application a fairly high level of confidence that React will not turn into some abandoned project soon. The React community has created and maintains many additional tools which makes it the TOP framework in 2020.

The newly rising programming languages

Rust, developed by Mozilla, is currently growing the third fastest and is even the most popular language of 2019 according to a survey conducted by Stakeholders. Rust is located between low-level languages like C and higher languages like Java. It is generally considered to be particularly secure and is therefore suitable for system programming and performance-critical applications. Besides, many believe that Rust is predestined for the further development of the Internet of Things.

Although Swift was only released in 2014, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after programming languages. The language was designed by Apple to replace Objective-C and simplify iOS programming. It was quickly adopted by most Apple programmers and since then has grown steadily on the popularity scale.

Swift is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It is now used to develop iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and even web applications. Swift aims to make programming faster and also to get the software more stable and secure.

Swift is based on three basic principles:

Security - Security is an important issue at Swift. While this can sometimes lead to limitations, it reduces the risk of potentially serious developer errors.

Speed - As a replacement for Objective-C and other C-based languages, Swift must be comparable in terms of performance. It was therefore designed to be fast, predictable, and consistent.

Clarity - Unlike older languages, which may not be intuitive and difficult to understand, Swift offers a clear and predictable syntax that is fun and easy to use.

As you can see, Swift is a modern language with a lot of potential for the future and that is the reason why we placed it on this list.

TypeScript is a new version of JavaScript that enables statically typed code with the same syntax and rules as conventional JavaScript. If you already have JavaScript knowledge, TypeScript is easy to use and it offers great potential for future programming work.

Even if it is not technically an extension of JavaScript, TypeScript has enormous potential to be your top programming language.

Kotlin is one of the best programming languages to learn due to the official support of Google and the Android studio.

Kotlin was originally developed as an alternative to Java. It addresses various issues related to Java and is the preferred language for many Android teams.

Some of the characteristics of Kotlin are:

Conciseness - At Kotlin, you have to write less code to get the same result. It offers you less room for errors and your programs become more compact.

Security - Kotlin eliminates entire classes of errors because, for example, there are no null pointer exceptions.

Ease of use - Its ease of use makes Kotlin easy to use and enables the use of existing JVM, Android, and browser libraries, as well as Java IDE tools.

As you can see, Kotlin is ready to take over a significant part of the Java market. If you are or want to become an Android developer, Kotlin is an absolute must. Kotlin programmers are currently in great demand in the job market.

Learning a new programming language takes a lot of time. It can also be risky because it is not always certain that your new knowledge will bring you a job. You may be learning a language for which there are simply no job requirements, or you may find that the language you have learned is not for you. At best, you avoid such a situation.

If you want to get a job at the end of your programming course, stick to our list of top programming languages in 2020 listed here. These are the most popular and sought-after languages worldwide. With each of these languages, you can complement your skills excellently and benefit from them for years to come.