Mobile App for your Business

Mobile App for your Business

For many companies offering an app is a vital step now. But the possibilities are diverse and whether a company app makes sense for your company depends on various factors. The focus is on the "why?" – i.e. the purpose that you pursue with the development of your app which we will examine in more detail.

An app is your door opener to the most direct access to a customer of all time: their mobile phones!

Our world is becoming mobile. Or rather, it has already become it. Everybody is always on their phone, you would barely find any person in public transport who’s looking in the window instead of browsing the internet. We research, contact, play, talk on the phone and buy more and more using our mobile phones. The smartphone market is booming, and with it, the app industry is exploding too. Keep up with your customers' mobile needs.

We have summarized the five most important reasons for developing an app for a company:

1. Direct accessibility:

Whether with advertising or news about your company, smartphone users can usually be reached faster via an app than via other channels. You can place product and service offers specifically on the mobile phone displays of your customers and prospective buyers. And since most people now always carry their cell phones with them, you can reach your customers almost immediately and anywhere.

2. Customer loyalty:

More and more people only shop online using their smartphones. Especially in the Covid-19 new reality when pretty much every purchase is made via the internet. Keep these customers closer to your company by offering them the service and benefits of an app. Prospective buyers who download an app are ready to take action. You can involve your app users directly and, for example, encourage them to buy with special offers for orders via the app. With an app, your customers can conveniently shop at any time from their mobile phone. What is good for your clients – they don't have to laboriously search for your website via the browser of their smartphone, now they always have your offers and all the latest news at their fingertips.

3.  Branding:

The app icon with the company logo on the display of the smartphone reminds your company every time your customers look at their mobile phones. In this way, your brand is consolidated in the consciousness and subconscious of your customers. Besides, installed apps are immediately displayed first during a search and thus reminds your customers of your brand.

4. Acquisition of new customers:

The modern customer likes to spontaneously search with their smartphone on the go – for example looking for companies and services in the area. However, company websites are often not designed to be displayed on smartphones. Poor presentation and long loading times lead to frustration among potential new customers. Do not give this valuable opportunity to acquire new customers away. With an app that also acts as a mobile website for your company, you can reach new customers with your offer quickly and easily.  Without unnecessary downloading or entering a password, the searcher can use the integrated intelligent forwarding function to go straight to your app, which is optimally designed for viewing on the smartphone.

5. Save valuable time:

Time is money! Every entrepreneur knows that this is not just an empty phrase. An app saves you and your customers time. Order processes, appointments, and shipping confirmations run automatically, vouchers and news are sent with just a few clicks. The customer does not have to stick to office hours and opening times, or search for your website and can also order at any time.

Another reason to develop an app is to gain a competitive advantage.

Your competitors are not sleeping, right? In both cases, having your app can give you a competitive advantage.

Case 1: Your competitor doesn't have an app yet

If you bring an app onto the market now, you can succeed in attracting a lot of attention to your work. This makes it possible to concentrate the attention of your customers on the fact that you are the only provider who offers this service app, for example.

Case 2: Your competitor already has an app.

Take a close look at the competitor's app – users often leave comments that can help you to bring out a better app to attract customers.

But even if your competitor already has a very good app, your customers don't obligatory know about it yet - or they will appreciate it if you offer the same service as someone else soon. This is how you bind your customers to your company and your brand in the long term.

Apps are a new and important communication channel that is in the process of overtaking previous communication channels such as telephony or e-mail. An app should therefore always be an extension of your company, its products, services, and personality. What information should my app contain? Which service enriches my customers' buying experience? Ask yourself these questions as you build your business app.

The driving forces for an app can be of very different nature. Every decision-maker should therefore critically examine their processes and daily actions. For example, would you like a better process for creating customer documents? Or do you know that your customers would like to have a tool with which they can calculate and keep track of their orders more quickly? Did your last visit to the fair show that your competitor was using an impressive marketing app as a visitor magnet? Then you should also consider whether it is strategically advantageous to have an app developed for your company. We would be happy to advise you in detail on the various options which we could offer to your business, bringing it to the mobile-first world.