Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Why is custom software development better for business?

With the growth of online businesses, the need for management solutions is tremendously growing. Software development is a niche market that does not stop innovating. It adapts to the growing demands of different industries and labor sectors, focusing on its ability to optimize products and offer new personalized solutions. Although, indeed, today, there are already a multitude of computer programs developed, with proven quality that allows covering the needs of various businesses, some companies still have their own particular needs. In these cases, there are lots of opportunities to develop more personalized software.

The customization of computer applications refers to that type of software development that aims to adapt to specific business needs, such as the specific requirements of an entity or an administration, thus allowing it to cover its needs in a precise and complete manner.

Why develop custom software?

The problem that individual companies find when looking for software that meets their requirements is that despite the large number of software programs and applications available on the market today, they still do not cover all their specific needs, or at least not in the way they want it. This can lead to the need for different solutions to complete the same purpose, which ends up hindering, delaying, and making management processes more expensive, which goes directly against the essential profitability.

Another possibility that occurs in more than a few occasions is that the applications offer much more functionalities than many SMEs may need. It means that in the short term, the implementation costs and the learning curve increase considerably.

This way, such applications need to be customized: to eliminate, restrict or hide part of its functionalities, which although could also be considered as personalized software. But we would instead compare it with building a house on the roof.

For all these reasons, to solve these problems and offer companies the ideal solutions for their businesses, the development of customized computer applications is the best viable solution.

Factors to consider before customizing software

Although the benefits of having technology solutions tailored to facilitate the day-to-day operations of organizations are apparent, certain factors must be considered before a company can jump on the bandwagon to offer customized software. We at the ESKA team know and analyze these factors to approach each client and their needs.

Carrying out a correct analysis of requirements

Knowing precisely, the purpose of the software application will be the key to success. Following the example of the house, only by fully knowing what type of building in terms of size, distribution, characteristics, materials, location, and orientation can we develop a house according to the client's requirements. The same happens with software, so analysts and developers must have a complete understanding and vision of all the global and specific requirements and the results and final objectives pursued, to design and customize the software according to what customers need.

Assessing maintenance costs and requirements

There are two types of costs in our industry: the initial development cost and the maintenance cost, which is repeated periodically. We need to have detailed meetings between customers, analysts, developers, and salespeople about where and what additional expenses there would be and what documented procedures are required to maintain the system internally throughout its life cycle.

Is software customization a viable solution?

One of the main advantages of having appropriately customized business software is that it will allow companies to reduce errors, which will allow them to optimize their processes.

Another benefit of having a customized application is that it allows company management to establish KPIs and criteria specifically tailored to their particular processes and equipment. This will allow the productivity of the company to increase. Along with the improvement of the optimization, it will also improve the final profitability.

Whether we are talking about an industry that offers services or an industry based on products, companies today are more than ever interested in developing and strengthening their technological processes. It not only improves the user experience, but also results in increased sales.

So, as we can see, the personalization of software solutions in the form of applications, programs, or tools provide us with the key to success, since it allows companies to optimize their processes, improving their productivity, increasing their sales and ultimately achieving a higher profitability.