Cloud Сonsulting

Cloud Сonsulting

In our era of progress, it is not a question of whether or not to move to the cloud – the question instead is how? We have an answer to this question as we provide a service of cloud consulting.

Eska helps you select the best cloud adoption model for your business needs and guides you through the process.

We support your organization in adopting cloud services in a correct, adequate and aligned way with the vision and objectives established by you;

 We will develop a successful strategy, a roadmap to effectively use cloud services tailored to your business specifics, establishing the mechanisms required to carry workloads towards cloud structures and finally, managing and continuously optimizing the cloud services. We will drive your business into the world of innovation, bring it growth and revenue.

Regardless of what stage of the cloud adoption process they are in, every business can benefit from the Cloud Migration.

  1. If your company is thinking about adopting the cloud so far but hasn't decided the best way to do it, we help you decide your path and support you during the process.
  2. If your company is ready to start its move to the cloud, we can support you during the process, to minimize its impact and guarantee implementation times.
  3. If your company has already transitioned to the cloud, we support you in managing it, helping you to optimize its use and guarantee that you are obtaining the most significant benefits without unnecessary expenses.

What can be accomplished with us?

 Managing resources for Cloud Computing requires a plan or roadmap. At ESKA, we bring you all our team experience to define a fundamental analysis in the sectors where your organization requires a noticeable change and makes a valuable impact on your business.

We would evaluate your business, your objectives and readiness to move to the cloud, and then review the different providers and cloud models to define the cloud strategy and the roadmap to move to the cloud. Before starting the migration, we generate an implementation plan, to guarantee times and minimize incidents that may arise during the process.

Migrating to the cloud with us, you get:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Remote availability of information
  3. Safety and reliability
  4. ROI and Cost Optimization
  5. Minimization of migration time
  6. Alignment of the Cloud strategy with the business objectives

We are more than a partner in your Cloud migration processes.

 Eska offers you all the tools, experience, and total guarantee to solve the complexities and/or problems of a migration to the cloud and help you optimize your strategic assets.

 We put a strategy together, provide a roadmap of what you need, and help you move and modernize applications, create new cloud-based apps, and transform your architecture and infrastructure. We would facilitate the transition to a new operating model and technological culture, assuming full assistance with the complexities so that you don't have to bother about it.

 ESKA will help you avoid the risks associated with the selection, acquisition, and implementation of cloud technology. Don't risk – rely on professionals and save your time and money.