Being Productive at Home

Being Productive at Home

Ready or not but most of the IT is getting used to working from home. On the upside the fridge is always near and no one stares at your monitor. But remaining productive on your couch is somewhat tricky. Here is a list of advices on how to become your own superior manager.

Set up your working space. Ideally a separate room. But a quiet corner in the hall or bedroom also will do. Keep your laptop on the table, not on your knees. Get good lights. Natural daylight is perfect. Put all required tools and office supplies in a hands reach. Find a spot for your favourite cactus. There you go. Your home office is set up.

Find things that help you abstract from home activities. Use your working laptop if possible. Even if your personal laptop or PC are better. Remove from your operational space stuff like youtube tabs or games. Each of these distractions chips away bits of your attention and focus.

Prepare the deals with whoever lives with you. Warn all the people you are living with that your working time is your working time. Doing dishes, cleaning the room or entertaining your bored girlfriend only after your working hours are done. Handcrafted “do not disturb” sign helps this effort.

Keep your rituals. Morning exercises, grooming yourself in the morning and dressing for the working day may look unnecessary when you spend your entire working day home. But they are. These small routines launch associative chains in your brain that set you up for work. The isolation from other people does not hurt your productivity as much as breaking your normal work routines. Try to preserve them at all costs.