Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are classified as a leading international provider in the field of cloud computing. Amazon Web Services are currently by far the most popular provider of public cloud services.

 A study on the current and planned use of various public cloud platform services revealed that Amazon Web Services is by far the most popular service among all its propositions. Technical executives and managers around the world are using public cloud platforms.

The most important services from Amazon Web Services at a glance

Amazon Web Services offers an extensive range of cloud-based products. In addition to the database, storage, analysis, and data processing tools, this includes IoT, security, and corporate applications. Some particularly popular AWS services are briefly introduced below.

 Amazon S3 (S3 stands for Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service for storing and retrieving any data from all storage locations. This includes data from corporate applications, mobile apps, as well as data from IoT devices.

 With the interactive query service "Amazon Athena," the analysis of your data in Amazon S3 with standard SQL is more accessible. This means you can access your S3 data in seconds without having to set up complex processes for extracting, transforming and loading the data.

 "AWS CodeStar" is one of the Amazon Web Services developer tools. It is used for the rapid development and deployment of applications on Amazon Web Services. AWS CodeStar forms a central planning and administration platform for your development team, through which the cooperation is promoted. In contrast, the progress in all phases of the software development process can be tracked.

 "AWS IoT Core" is one of the services in the "Internet of Things" category. The AWS IoT Core platform enables you to connect devices to other devices and services of AWS, processing the device data. Applications can also interact with devices offline.

Security, compliance and control

A comprehensive data center and network architecture was set up to guarantee data protection and security for AWS customers. Compliance programs are also already integrated in the AWS infrastructure, making it easier for customers to meet compliance requirements.

 The AWS concept is based on a compliance model of the distributed responsibilities. By default, ownership and control over content is left to customers. Amazon Web Services provides simple but powerful security tools that customers can use to control their data.

 Besides, the security tools protect the stored data and make it possible to manage access to the content. Amazon Web Services provide comprehensive security tools and data security concepts, but it is the customer's responsibility to use them.

 The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) launched the requirements catalog C5, which specifies the requirements to which cloud providers should at least be obliged.

 C5 stands for "Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog" and forms the cloud computing standard for IT security in most countries with high cybersecurity standards. Amazon Web Services are BSI C5 certified. The C5 attestation provides a control function for AWS customers and their compliance consultants. In this way, the internal communication between Amazon Web Services customers, security, and compliance consultants is significantly simplified.

Why Amazon Web Services?

 Low costs: No investment costs for the purchase of infrastructure. There are only usage-dependent, variable costs that are based on the specific requirements of your company.

 Flexibility and elasticity: You are completely flexible in terms of capacity. If you need more resources at short notice, they will be ready within a few minutes. Even if you need less resources, you can switch them off immediately. You only pay for what you need.

 Global Availability: Amazon Web Services is available worldwide. 

 Amazon Web Services is a professional partner when it comes to cloud computing. Overall, the cloud service has a large number of compliance certifications and tests. These include C5, CSA, ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and many more.

 Since the market entry in 2006, the target group of Amazon Web Services has only been companies. Numerous popular applications such as Foursquare or Netflix use the services of Amazon Web Services. But, things can get complicated quickly when it comes to the areas of licenses and management of cloud products in companies.

 You can rely on a trustworthy partner and create a perfect cloud service with the help of a professional ESKA team. Contact us - we would be happy to advise you on all topics relating to the cloud.